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Antisocial Narcissism

From as far as history is written, currency has always been the essential counterpart of how society operates. Who gathers? Who hunts? How is that distributed? How is that decision made and by who? Currency is so important because it is an accumulation of natural order materialized; a physical way to monitor evolution, balance and survival.

We evolve by learning from patterns and applying them appropriately, typically in ways to maintain order. We maintain order by maintaining balance. All of which are abstract necessities of survival; learning, applying, order and balance. Therefore, we materialize these emotional and spiritual necessities to physical properties to consciously cope with our subconscious battles. - A natural defense mechanism that helps us feel more control and consequently, less anxiety. We constantly, personally audit our life at all levels from our sleep schedule, diet, life roles, financial status to likes on social media and high scores on video games. A hamster wheel of pros/cons, benefits/drawbacks, A's/B's etc.; nonstop currency.

-What do we want?- What will make us feel "rich"?- Or morally bankrupt?-

-"Money doesn't buy happiness?"- Right?- How many times have we heard that?-

That's because all that can be viewed as a currency, was intended to be used as an aide for understanding, evolving, balancing, and survival. An aide that allowed us to cope consciously, not to remove us from the subconscious battle all together.

Which brings us to the terms of topic; "Antisocial" and "Narcissism". These labels are currently the 2 most trending terms of Mental Health. Initially, being trapped by my training, I was bothered by the possibility that these terms were being used carelessly. FBI psychologists coined these terms after years of studying the most notorious serial killers. They were use cautiously and for people like Charles Manson and John Wayne Gacey. Furthermore, when frequently used together, it evolved to a heavier word - sociopath. So at the time of seeing every other person, calling another person narcissistic and the youth embracing antisocial; I summed it up to the good portion of our population are sociopaths. This bothered me for awhile. And we all very well may be a nation of American Psycho's. However, I was able to cope with it when I viewed it as a currency

I realized that the saturation alone does not make the statement any more or less true. In basic terms, Narcissism means abnormal self-absorption and Antisocial is abnormally nonconforming. With the current social problems, and in all reality, these terms may be the most appropriate labels for many people. As I stated earlier we materialize to cope, to feel less anxiety and to feel more in control. Being that we are at a heightened stated of anxiety, we naturally gravitate towards an explanantion that can match that level in order to maintain/restore balance. Apparently, our current state of fear for other's and ourselve's nonconforming habits are at a Norman Bates level.

RE-winding back to currency-

In the past Antisocial and Narcissism usage weighed heavier, like gold. Which makes sense that the serial killers of that time were and still are viewed at the same level of celebrities. However, those words today seem expendable, like copper.

Final RE-wind to evolution, balance and survival.

My interpretation of current events is that we are in a stand still within a duel over social norms and self-perservation by re-defining morality. All the materialized aides that we have used to get us to this point have become ineffective. The terms we used to explain Good vs Evil such as Humanitarianism and Sociopaths, dont hold water. - We've lost trust and faith and consequently we have lost general ideas and respect for morality. Restoring that is the only way to restore balance. Then after our spiritual awakening, Social Catharsis or whatever we have to experience, will we begin to feel, as a whole, "alive" again. - And at that moment, even in the slightest, morality will have been redefined and our social order, evolved.

Long story short, Antisocial and Narcissistic Personality Disorder is exhausted.

My prediction is that there will be a new addition to the DSM in the coming years that will encapsulate the Modern Sociopath.

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