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Cherish Brooks

 The foundation of my therapeutic approach is a combination between Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy with an implementation of Creative Arts. My sessions are foward focused in which the treatment plan is focused on areas of growth. Every treatment plan created is personalized for the individual based on their needs, wants and symptoms, but is catered to female oriented issues.. Therefore, additional therapies are at times added to treatment if needed for specific symptoms or by request. Such as treatments for trauma, phobia, disassociation, etc. Additionally, my therapy is focused on the present day while understanding how the past effect both the present and the future. Once those discoveries are made and acknowledge the process, we begin to reshape them into healthier habits, patterns and coping skills. 

 My technique is based on my specialty in psychological evaluations. I have been conducting Diagnostic and Clearance evaluations for over 10 years. I have a great passion and respect for formats based on systems and review. I received my Bachelors from UTSA and my Masters from TSU, focused on areas of Research and Statistics. I have assisted and conducted statistical research in areas of Autism, Intellectual disbilities, Mood Disorders, Childhood Trauma, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and Physiological Psychology. 

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Jennifer Barnett

Jennifer Barnett is a Certified Life Coach based in Houston and surrounding areas.
She has over 10 years of professional experience in the medical field and working closely with a variety of clients including those with special needs, the elderly and children. As an Emerging Life coach, Jennifer provides supportive and constructive feedback to clients while using a guided method to develop and reach tangible goals that are specific to each individual client.

Individual Coaching

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